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Young children learn what it means to be healthy, which includes practicing good hygiene, eating nutritious foods, being active, and getting enough rest. Children start to understand and appreciate what their bodies can do and what they need to grow strong.

Plays: 437

Super Grover: Go!

Elmo and Super Grover dance to the word "Go."
0:21 Runtime
Plays: 201

Most Peculiar Meal

Bert eats breakfast but Ernie brings a frog.
1:38 Runtime
Plays: 11

Get on Up and Move Your Body

A song about dancing
1:54 Runtime
Plays: 3151

Song: Elmo's Got the Moves

Elmo's got the moves, do you? Let's dance!
1:6 Runtime
Plays: 200


Bert and Ernie sing about sleep.
2:26 Runtime
Plays: 28

The Captain on Team Teeth

Adults can help take care of teeth.
1:42 Runtime
Plays: 264

Guac Pop

Help Elmo pop the bubbles to make Guacamole!
The next time you cook a meal, invite your child to be your ingredient helper. Encourage him to help you count out the different ingredients and put them into a bowl.
0:30 Runtime
2:26 Runtime
Plays: 323

Try It! New Foods s

0:31 Runtime
2:26 Runtime
Plays: 21

Try New Foods!

Eat your colors every day.
0:30 Runtime